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With MyFluVaccine® you can take control and manage your flu inventory with ease while meeting your flu clinic demands. Our revolutionary online vaccine ordering platform paves the way to help you improve your patients' care.

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Choice – Multiple presentations from top manufacturers.

Confidence – Dependable deliveries to meet your patients' needs.

Commitment – Aligned with manufacturers' estimated shipping commitments.

Safety – Guaranteed Channel Integrity™ ensures safe, reliable products for your patients.

2023-24 Flu Vaccine Returns

In the event that you will be returning 2023-24 flu vaccine product(s), here are the necessary steps to complete the process.

Flu Vaccine Returns

Flu Myths & Facts

Don't let misinformation about influenza vaccines stop your patients from getting vaccinated. Use our educational Flu Myths & Facts brochure to dispel misconceptions and promote vaccination.

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Find important news and updates about the seasonal flu.

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Current Flu Activity

A weekly influenza activity report by state from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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